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I fucking hate life. Like why do I have a Facebook? What good does this shit bring? I hate conflict. I hate arguments. I never even mean to get into anything and yet I always get attacked. This is bullshit. Oh and guess who just spent probably 2 hours of unproductivity going through her new boyfriend’s instagram photos until she found his ex? This complete creep right here. And it sucks because they have photos together as recent as just a few months ago. And I guess that’s long enough but the last time I even hooked up with someone was a year ago. What if I’m more ready for a relationship than he is? Do I even know how to be in a relationship? Because I’m pretty sure I’m probably one of the most self-doubting humans to ever exist. And I don’t even know if this relationship is worth pursuing. I like him. A lot. But he’s ten years older and loves his job in Cleveland whereas there’s no way in hell I’m staying another winter here. And maybe by next August when my lease is up and I’m ready to move he’ll want to move with me. But his ex is in Texas. So I either I have to leave him behind and he becomes Drake quoting George Strait or somehow I stick it out up here. Or we implode because of some emotional episode on my part before we ever reach that point. Ugh. Like. Just show me the way. I hate this anxiety.



my first thought this morning was “count olaf should have been more thoroughly checked by social services”

completely necessary reblog omg